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SAATEN-UNION: The comeback of the beet (English)

Biogas can be obtained from a variety of agricultural substrates. Currently research is done to find alternative products for the biogas plant No. 1 - the maize. The cultivation of maize as monoculture poses some disadvantages. On good maize sites only the beet has a similarly high productivity in the field.

The cultivation and harvest are somewhat more complex and costly than for maize. Above all, lacking harvesting, cleaning and storage technics were previously reasons why the beet largely was neglected in the biogas production. Modern fodder beet can be harvested with sugar beet harvesters. Depending on the degree of contamination a wet or dry cleaning still must be done afterwards. If the soil is sandy and has relatively little stones, it is probably enough with dry cleaning, as it is integrated with the T7 THYREGOD beet harvester already during the harvesting process.

First the top is harvested. After the beets are lifted they run through two cleaning turbines, where the coarsest dirt is already removed.
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